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Plan B Yacht

Taking time to unwind, relax, and restore the sense in style is a simple thing to do when you have your travel sights set on Los Cabos, Mexico. This beautiful and inviting vacation destination is one-of-a-kind and has long been loved by adventurers who are looking for a place to savor amazing scenery, spend time on incredible golf courses and make the most of world-class dining and shopping stops as well. Whether you’re one for hiking trails, can’t wait to embrace the best of night life or have a heart for all things time on the sand, Los Cabos is a place with something inspiring waiting to be enjoyed. There’s nothing better than waking up to the sound of the waves each day, knowing fun, excitement, and a place rich in culture and history is waiting to greet you just beyond the front door.

Of course, for all of the land-based fun that a trip to Los Cabos delivers up impeccably, it’s also a destination where those who are excited to make the most of luxury on the waves can find what they’re looking for too. That’s exactly what guests who bool Plan B Yacht can enjoy when they reserve their place onboard this luxury vessel designed to delight and inspire at every turn. Plan B Yacht is a 3-bed, 3-bath vessel that is built to accommodate up to 16 guests at a time. This makes the perfect choice for those who are looking to spend time on the waves, indulging in elegance and style alongside a group of their closest friends, or can’t wait to make the most of quality time with family. Either way, guests booking Plan B Yacht can count on enjoying a journey that focuses on customized thrills and options to take in amazing scenery every step of the way.


An Incredible On-The-Water Experience in Los Cabos

Plan B Yacht is a sleek and eye-catching vessel that’s just as fun to observe on the water as it is to explore once you step onboard. Each spacious deck that makes up the many levels of this yacht is designed as a place to rest, relax, and embrace entertainment to the fullest. Guests of Pan B Yacht will find an array of sun decks to enjoy paired up with indoor and outdoor seating spaces adorned with plush upright chairs and loungers alike. This makes it simple to create a satisfying stay whether you’re in the mood for sunbathing or can’t wait to spend an afternoon taking in the sights while sipping a margarita in good company.

Plan B Yacht offers up a plethora of options for outdoor fun, but the interior spaces are designed to be just as appealing. This yacht is climate controlled, ensuring guests enjoy a comfortable sail no matter when they take to the waves or where they find themselves onboard. Indoors, Plan B Yacht hosts a fully equipped kitchen where chef and on-site staff can serve up a savory dish or snack for guests upon request. When it’s time to dine, guests can easily snack while lounging outdoors, or gather around the dining table to reminisce about the day’s adventures in a more formal setting. The main living space onboard Plan B Yacht includes a collection of plush white sofas to settle into that are topped with colorful throw pillows and enhanced aesthetically through the inclusion of modern wall art on the walls just behind.

While time onboard Plan B Yacht comes with access to incredible on-the-water fun, resting up is just as essential to a great journey. That’s what makes the onboard bedrooms so inviting. Guests will find that bedrooms on Plan B Yacht are not only inviting, but spacious and provide a great place to enjoy restoration and relaxation to the fullest. Each is outfitted with a plush mattress topped with high-quality linens and comforters too. Bedrooms also include ample closet and storage space to make it simple to settle into the style guests find from the moment they step foot through the door.

Make More of Every Moment

Savoring a sailing adventure is definitely the highlight of time spent on Plan B Yacht, but guests who book their place onboard will find there is always a chance to upgrade the experience upon request. The waters that surround Los Cabos make for idyllic sailing that can also be paired with adventures like snorkeling and diving if that’s more your style! Guests also have options to include wildlife spotting adventures on their cruise as well as afternoons of jet skiing, paddleboarding and beyond. Above all, guests will find customized adventures are easy to find when they make Plan B Yacht their on-the-water home the next time they find themselves in Los Cabos.

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