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LUXMEX Property Management

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LUXMEX Property Management

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Why Lux Mex

Revenue Management

LuxMex fuses both data science and hospitality to create a state-of-the-art property optimization process that boosts revenue and long-term satisfaction. By analyzing amenities, photos, and historical trends we can optimize the way we market, publish and spruce up the property to provide maximum returns.

Robust Operations And Housekeeping Team

LuxMex’s automated processes and guest app interface allow for homeowners to never have to worry about any cleaning, staff, or guest-related issues. Our ultimate goal is to be so seamless homeowners forget there is even a rental.

Host Protection And Insurance

Protecting the host’s property is our top priority, from our guest background check process to the insurance policy we pull on each rental, we got owners covered.

Professional Marketing And Review

We undertake one of the most creative marketing campaigns across the industry and each one is personalized to its individual property. By using data, we know what campaigns will and won’t work for a property, while also identifying its weak points. From there, we make a game plan that can include, us going to take new pictures, investing in the property’s own SEO campaign, and more.

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Strategic Partnerships

At LuxMex, we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve created and nurtured. We believe that strong partnerships are one of the single best revenue generator. That is why we don’t isolate ourselves, we have partnered with top of the line travel agencies, yacht companiesand jet charter companies to name a few. We have also partnered with local businesses such as vetted staff services, beach clubs and even restaurants to bring more value to the table when guests are looking for a place to stay.

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