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Experience Luxury with the Top Cabo Yacht Rentals

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When planning your next vacation, there’s a lot to think about, from where you’ll go to everything you do while you’re there, and – most importantly – where you’ll stay. If the must-haves of your vacation include sun, sand, water, resort town-style fun, and a year-round beautiful climate, you’ll surely want to come spend some time in Cabo. No matter what time of year you come, there are always plenty of fun things to do and see. Before you arrive, choose the home base that’s right for all of your adventures when you book a vacation rental with LuxMex!

For even more luxury on your Cabo retreat, book some time on one of our Cabo yachts. These floating luxury homes rival our homes and villas on land. The yachts in our collection boast multiple large cabins complete with private bathrooms. Take a moment to browse each one and find the yacht that’s perfect for your Cabo getaway at sea!


  • How Many Guests Does the Yacht Accommodate?

    The number of guests the yacht accommodates depends on the size of the yacht. Our current fleet of yachts offers vessels as small as two-bedroom, two-bathroom, all the way up to five-bedroom, five-bathroom. Contact us to talk about your group size and plans at sea to choose the best vessel for your floating home away from home.

  • What Time Do Excursions Begin and End?

    There will be a set time for your excursion to begin and end. Just like our vacation rental homes, we will provide you with departure time from the dock as well as the estimated arrival back at the dock. Day charters are available, as well as multi-night charters. Please note trips will be contingent on the weather at sea. Going out to sea will be at the captain’s discretion.

  • Is There Cell Service?

    You will be at sea far from the shores of Cabo. While our boats are outfitted with the latest in navigation gear and technology, cell phone connectivity depends on the location of the boat at the time. Please ask us about the locations frequently visited by each vessel so we can provide you with the most accurate information possible.

  • What Are the Dining Options?

    Our yachts cater to your every need! That includes the menu while aboard. Private chefs are a part of the staff on every yacht, and they’re ready to prepare and serve your favorite dishes while on board. You’ll be asked about food preferences, allergies, and other details for each guest so the chef can create a menu tailored to you and your traveling companions.

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