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Cabo Trek

One of the joys of a vacation in Cabo San Lucas is its access to unparalleled natural beauty. With Cabo Trek, our guests embark on unforgettable ocean and whale watching expeditions. Cabo Trek’s quality service, passionate guides, and mission to help people appreciate the ocean and its wildlife means they are a must-do during your next stay in Cabo.

Spectacular Whale and Wildlife Watching

No matter the time of year you visit Los Cabos, Cabo Trek offers fantastic opportunities to marvel at mother nature up close and personally. During peak whale seasons (December 15 – April 15), you and your family will observe a variety of whales (such as humpback, gray, blue, and sperm whales) in addition to Cabo San Lucas’s other abundant wildlife. Bring your camera for those epic selfies and leave everything else to the expert guides at Cabo Trek.

Cabo Whale Sharks Tour A sunset view at sea

Romantic Sunset Cruise

Imagine this: As the sun slowly dips below the horizon, you and your loved one bask in the tranquility of a silent ocean at dusk – only to be greeted by singing humpback whales! With wine, appetizers, a professional photographer, and passionate naturalists as your evening’s guide, it doesn’t get much better – or more romantic! – than Cabo Trek’s Romantic Sunset Cruise.

Year-Round Ocean Activities

Cabo Trek offers activities on the beach and in the ocean for any occasion. Book a private or semi-private scuba diving expedition in the protected areas of Cabo San Lucas Marine Park and experience the sea’s beautiful biodiversity. But if diving isn’t your thing, Cabo Trek also offers several snorkeling options – you can snorkel among schools of fish, manta rays, or, for the exceptionally daring – sharks!

Why Our Guests Love Cabo Trek

Cabo Trek’s mission isn’t just to create long-lasting memories for you and your loved ones (although they certainly do that!). Cabo Trek seeks to bring its guests back in connection with nature and increase their appreciation for the majesty of the sea. With expert marine biologists, passionate naturalists, and exceptional customer service, it’s no surprise Cabo Trek was awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence. If you’re looking for oceanfront La Paz luxury rentals, click here!

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