The year-round sun and warmth of Cabo is what makes it a great place for a getaway no matter what time of year you visit. The resort town offers plenty of ways to pamper yourself, including activities and accommodations that are the epitome of a luxurious stay you won’t soon forget.

Add to that luxury by packing in amenities and activities that offer a true vacation – you won’t have to lift a finger if you don’t want to. LuxMex can help you book a Cabo San Lucas vacation that includes trimmings like home chefs, housekeeping services, concierge services, and more to provide you with a worry-free, stress-free Cabo stay. Reserve any or all of these services to make a Cabo vacation that will have you coming back again and again for years to come.

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Jet Setting to Cabo

You love to travel, and frequently. Packing up and leaving on a journey to a new or favorite place is more of a hobby than a special treat or for work purposes. There are a number of private planes and jets you can board to get to Cabo from practically anywhere in the world. Make it a primary stop on your next jetting setting tour, either of the region or a larger world tour. Get in touch with our jet service and they can help tailor a trip and choose the aircraft that’s right for you and your traveling party.

Before you leave, tap the services of a concierge who can help arrange transportation from the airport to your accommodations, as well as making sure your luggage is delivered and stored as you like.

Yacht Rentals

Book some time on one of our yachts. These floating luxury homes rival the home or villa you’re staying in on land. The yachts in our collection boast multiple large cabins complete with private bathrooms. They also come fully-staffed, with a crew that includes not only a captain and officers that make sure the boat is seaworthy and the course is plotted and followed, but a chef, deckhands to make the journey smooth sailing, and an interior staff that makes sure your cabin is just as you need it and all of your requests for meals, extra activities, and whatever else you may need, are met. If you’ve booked one of our staffed villas, it will seem as though nothing has changed in the type or level of service you receive.

Please keep in mind that rough waters may exist outside of the marina. The captain and crew are constantly monitoring weather and sea conditions beyond the port. If they feel it is not safe to embark on the journey, other arrangements or rescheduling may be necessary. Should this occur for you and your group, LuxMex can help you make the arrangements necessary to make your yachting dreams in Cabo a reality before you depart.

Concierge Services

Cabo is a resort town with resort amenities and activities. While taking a short walk to or drive to the waterfront for a day at the beach is easy to achieve on your own, making plans for other activities can be stressful. Take a pass on the stress and work with a concierge to make sure all of the things you came to do and see during your Cabo vacation have been booked and confirmed.

Our concierge services will help you book time with all the activities and attractions you want to experience while you stay in Cabo with us. The golfers of the group can get help booking tee times, renting equipment if necessary, and transportation to and from the course. Anglers ready to spend time fishing some of the world’s best fishing spots can use the concierge to book charter trips like deep sea fishing, or something closer to shore. They can help obtain the proper fishing licenses and other permits required for the journey.

Concierge staff will also book other activities like spa days, camel rides through the desert, parasailing, snorkel and SCUBA tours, private helicopter tours, and more. They’ll help book reservations at restaurants, car services to and from airports or activities, arrange for grocery provisioning, and anything else you may need during your stay.

Staffed Villas

All of our villas are exquisite homes with all the luxuries you expect. Soft mattresses dressed in luxury linens, en suite baths for every bedroom, stylish furnishings throughout the home, and a high-end kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances and up to date custom cabinets and counter tops. There’s not a corner untouched or a trick missed when it comes to our villas.

Kick it up a notch by staying at one of our staffed villas. In addition to all the luxury in the home, you have the luxury of not lifting a finger during your Cabo retreat. Homes are staffed with chefs that make delicious dishes for your daily meals. They follow your every wish, including taking into account special diets and allergies. Your butler will make sure everything in the home is running smoothly, from meals to cleaning, and works directly with outside services to make sure all your Cabo San Lucas vacation needs are met.

Housekeeping services are also often a part of your staffed villa. Daily cleaning, dishes, turndown, and more are handled by housekeeping staff. They make sure every day of your Cabo retreat starts and ends in neat, tidy, and comfortable accommodations.

No matter how long you plan to relax in the luxury of a Cabo vacation, you can pack light and only bring your favorite outfits. All of our villas have in-unit laundry, and with a staffed villa, the housekeeping staff will keep on top of it. You’ll always have clean, fresh clothes without missing any of the Cabo fun by staying back to deal with the mundane chore. They often work behind the scenes, while you’re out enjoying various Cabo activities and attractions.

The staff can even work with a concierge to ensure all of the activities, attractions, dining reservations, and other aspects of your Cabo trip are taken care of – just arrive and enjoy!

In Home Chefs

While Cabo has a variety of fine and casual dining options serving nearly every food imaginable, you desire a home-cooked meal. Whether or not you booked a fully staffed villa, a home chef is an important part of your luxury stay in Cabo.

Book chefs with the skills to create and serve dishes that look more like art than food. Our chefs also work with you and your traveling companions’ tastes, dietary restrictions, and allergies to prepare meals everyone can enjoy. Communicate your needs and desires both before you arrive and while you’re here to make sure all of the dining needs of the group are met.

Combine the services of the chef along with things like grocery provisioning, pickup and delivery, and all the needs for your at-home meals will be met.

Luxury Activities

One of the features you can take advantage of during your luxury stay is a concierge to help you with planning every moment of your Cabo stay. They can suggest activities you and your loved ones will enjoy, recommend restaurants and more. If their suggestions sound good to you, they can help you book the activities so all you have to do is show up and have fun. If you need some suggestions before you arrive, we have some as well.

Private Helicopter Tour

Get up in the air where you will get to see Cabo from a bird’s eye view. Your private jet arrival and departure won’t give you the time or perspective to see the world below. Get that bird’s eye view you want and head up into the sky on a private helicopter tour. You and your traveling companions will get 360-degree panoramic views of some of Cabo’s most well-known landmarks. Get pictures of The Arch, Baja Peninsula beaches, world class resorts, the sea life swimming below, and more.

Your pilot is a knowledgeable local guide who will point out these landmarks and give you some inside information the guidebooks may not offer. Tours typically range from 20-40 minutes in length. Let your pilot know about the places you want to see from the air, so they can add them to the tour to create one specific to your wants.

Art Galleries

There are many art galleries throughout Cabo, each featuring pieces by local artists in sculpture, painting, mixed media, and more. Browse their works or visit one of the many galleries that feature an interactive experience. Many of the buildings in the area, like the Museo de Historia Natural, aren’t labeled “art galleries,” but they also hold an extensive amount of historic Mexican art, pottery, sculpture, and more depicting some of the country’s best art from years gone by.

You’ll be able to purchase much of the work you see in the galleries, a perfect and lavish addition to your home. You can even arrange to have it sent to your home or wherever you choose.


It may sound like a simple, inexpensive activity. You, a rod and reel, and the water. For some, it can be, but it can also be full of luxury and adventure like no other. Anglers will find luxury during a luxury Cabo vacation. You can charter a private luxury tour for you and your closest fishing buddies.

Cabo is known as “The Striped Marlin Capital of the World.” There have been years when captains recorded over 50 striped marlin releases a day! If you’re lucky enough to see one during its “acrobatic routine” of jumping out of the water, let alone hook one, watch for its stripes to light up in shades of violet.

Other billfish you can expect to hook include Pacific sailfish, blue and black marlin, tuna, dorado, yellowfin, and others. Shark fishing and night fishing are also adrenaline-filled options that often take place in the deeper waters of the gulf or ocean.

Cabo fishing is more than heading out to sea. There are inshore opportunities where you can hope to hook roosterfish weighing up to 100 pounds, as well as species like sierra mackerel, jack crevalle, hogfish, wahoo, and more. Take things out into the water a little further with ‘nearshore’ adventures that take you out between ‘inshore’ and deep sea. It’s a unique environment where you’ll find sea life that favor water closer to shore and further out. For truly serene fishing conditions, try surf fishing from shore, or fly fishing in inland waters.

Get in touch with your concierge about booking the experience, as well as helping you secure the proper fishing permits (if necessary) for each member of your party.

Luxury Accommodations in Cabo

Once you’ve decided to make Cabo your destination for fun and luxury, make sure your next step is booking a private, luxurious Cabo San Lucas vacation rental with LuxMex. We have homes all the way up to 11 bedrooms, so you can enjoy the luxury features and amenities of your own home, and more, while you stay with us.

There’s no better place to stay in style and luxury, as well as experience Cabo and the surrounding area however you like during your trip of a lifetime than a luxury vacation rental home in Cabo provided by LuxMex. No matter which unit you choose, you’ll have access to everything the home has to offer throughout your stay. Relax in a hot tub, take a dip in a resort-worthy private pool you desire, or spend some time on a private deck, patio, or balcony and look out over the water. Choose a Cabo luxury vacation rental that has everything you need and want, including awesome beach and ocean views – select homes with private beach access, and tailor a trip to the vacation needs and style of you and your loved ones.

Add on the super lux amenities of home chefs, staffed villas, concierge services, and yacht and jet rentals to the already top of the line luxurious accommodations found in all of our Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals.

Contact us today to start planning your luxury-filled trip to Cabo!

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