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Fishing Trip To Cabo San Lucas

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The year-round sun and warmth of Cabo is what makes it a great place for a getaway no matter when you need a break. Pack your itinerary full of fun, excitement, and plenty of rest and relaxation to make the most of your fishing trip to Cabo San Lucas. Or you can make your trip all about reeling in your next big fish story. Cabo has plenty of ways and places to satisfy your passion, but first you’ll want to book a vacation rental perfect for your fishing outing, provided by LuxMex. Make sure to secure the proper Mexican Sportfishing License before departing on your adventure. Choose a charter company that can help you with gear as well as tracking bag limits for certain species. 

Fishing In Cabo

If you have some new anglers in the group, or just want to take things a little slower than the adrenaline-pumping pace of the high seas, head inshore. Cast a line in search of roosterfish, which can grow up to 100 pounds! You may also find Sierra mackerel, and jack crevalle. Visit the rocky outcroppings and reel in snapper, hogfish, wahoo, or grouper, too. 


Nearshore fishing is at its peak in the summer months, so you’ll want to plan accordingly to get the best results. If you’re looking to hook wahoo, black marlin, yellowtail amberjack, or yellowfin tuna, a nearshore excursion is the best way.  

Deep Sea Fishing

Cabo is considered “The Striped Marlin Capital of the World.” There have been years when captains recorded over 50 striped marlin releases a day! If you’re lucky enough to see one during its “acrobatic routine” of jumping out of the water, let alone hook one, watch for its stripes to light up in shades of violet. Other billfish you can expect to hook include Pacific sailfish, blue and black marlin, tuna, dorado, yellowfin, and others. 

Fly Fishing

Your catch depends on where you go. Fly fishing is, of course, all about the method, so if you’re fly fishing in deep waters, expect to hook the striped marlin, Pacific sailfish, tuna, and others that frequent the water. Just as you’ll capture jack crevalle or Sierra mackerel inshore or wahoo and yellowfin inshore.  

Night Fishing

Most anglers time their fishing trips based on the season and what will be biting during their trip. These anglers are also the ones that head out at the break of dawn in search of their next big fish story. There are various charter companies that offer half-day and full-day (often eight hours on the water) trips that give anglers plenty of time on the water to cast a line in an attempt to catch their preferred species, from the sought-after striped marlin to the many other residents of the waters around Cabo. An overnight trip adds as a special thrill. You can continue your efforts long after the sun goes down! You’ll be reeling in the species found mostly in the depths you’ve chosen to explore. Boats are equipped not only for your fishing adventure, but also with sleeping quarters, bathrooms, and other comforts, and some offer breakfast before heading to shore. 

Shark Fishing

Combine the thrill of night fishing with the thrill of a unique catch. Book time with a charter that offers the special journey, since not every company does. You’ll be dropping a line in search of hammerhead, mako, and others. Shark fishing is mainly done at night when the sharks are more active. 

Surf Fishing

Leave the fishing license at your accommodations. Anglers surf fishing from the beach, fishing from the rocks, or fishing off a pier do NOT need a fishing license. You’re most likely to hook the inshore species you’ll find should you choose to board an inshore charter. That means you could walk away with striped marlin, Sierra mackerel, jack crevalle, grouper, wahoo, snapper, hogfish, and a host of others. License or not, endangered and other protected species need to be thrown back. 

An Angler’s Journey to Cabo

Once you’ve decided to explore the depths of the waters of Cabo on your next fishing trip, make sure your next step is booking a private vacation rental for you and your closest fishing buddies with LuxMex. Choose a home as large as 11 bedrooms to invite all of your all of your fishing buddies on an angler’s journey of a lifetime in Cabo. Grill or cook up the catch of the day in the unit’s fully equipped kitchen or turn to the outdoor kitchen at select units. Enjoy the privacy of your own bedroom where you can catch a nap or rest up for another day on the water, and private outdoor spaces like patios and balconies. Choose a premium unit for perks and upgrades like hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, flat screen TVs, and much more. 

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