You decided to take a break from your hectic schedule back home in favor of a relaxing vacation. Set your sights on Cabo and its never-ending supply of sand, sun, water, and fun. Add some “only in Cabo” experiences to your list of reasons to visit and stay in Cabo.


No matter what time of year you visit Cabo, you’ll experience sun and warmth. Winter highs can climb into the upper-70s and low-80s, while summer highs reach the 90s for perfect swimming weather with a dip in the Gulf of California or Pacific Ocean.


The beaches of Cabo are some of the best you’ll find, in the whole world. Many are safe for swimming, including the beach around the famed El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, where the Pacific Ocean officially becomes the Gulf of California. Others are often red-flagged due to strong waves, steep ocean floor drop-offs, and undertows that can be dangerous, so stay away – many of these more dangerous beaches are found on the Pacific Ocean side. Visit the many beaches along the Puerto Los Cabos Resort Corridor for some of the best beach experiences in the area.

Water Activities

The glistening waters off the shores of Cabo are a wonderful and unique place to explore. Get close to bottlenose dolphins, sharks, manatees, rays, sea turtles and a variety of fish species that call the area home. Ask about daytime or sunset tours, as well as gear rental if you’re planning your own adventure. There are several fishing adventures to choose from, including inshore, nearshore, and deep sea fishing. Cast a line in search of marlin, Pacific Sailfish, tuna, roosterfish, and others you may not find swimming along the shores of home. Get an extra adrenaline boost with night fishing, or the added thrill of shark fishing.

Baha Desert on Camelback

While some beach towns offer a tour down the beach on horseback, Los Cabos offers the beach tour experience atop a different animal: a camel! The excursion is typically four hours in length and departures with both morning and afternoon time slots. Wander through the Baha Desert and Cabo countryside with your knowledgeable local guide. They’ll fill you in on area flora, fauna, and culture. Then stop for an authentic Mexican lunch featuring tequila, tortilla-making, and more before heading back.

Beach & Desert 4×4 Tour

Trade in the camel for an ATV and get to places you can’t go by any other mode of transportation. Your adventure will cut through a winding route through the Migrino Desert’s sandy terrain. Get glimpses of area mountains and more, then loop back for some fun and adrenaline-pumping adventure on the iconic beaches of Cabo. Your company of choice will include all the safety gear, off-roading equipment, and purified water to keep you hydrated through the journey. Park entry fees and insurance for your ride are separate fees.


There always seems to be a celebratory atmosphere in Cabo. The area celebrates everything from food to music, sports, and other events. Come in the fall or winter months for events like Dia de los Muertos or the Los Cabos International Film Festival in November, Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament in October, or Sabor a Cabo – a food and wine festival, in December. Spring and summer events include the Los Cabos Open of Surf in June, Ironman Los Cabos in March, Los Cabos Pride, and others.


Pack your hiking boots and other essentials and set out on foot to explore the place you’ve decided to call home for a while. Cabo and the surrounding area is dotted with a myriad of trails and places to explore where the best way to get around is your own two feet. While you’re out in the wild, keep a lookout for local wildlife, including coyotes, deer, and cactus wren and other birds. If your trail takes you near the sea, whales, dolphins, seals, and sea lions can often be spotted.


The “icing on the cake” of reasons to visit Cabo this year is the delicious dining options you’ll find there. Many area restaurants are open all day, while some specialize in authentic and elaborate Mexican dinners. Check out restaurants to find your favorite. If you’re here around a holiday, ask about special holiday meal arrangements.

Another Reason to Visit Puerto Los Cabos Resort

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