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Imagine a place where luxury meets tranquility, where every sunrise brings breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez, and every sunset promises a night under the stars filled with warmth and elegance. Welcome to West Enclave, a jewel in the crown of San Jose del Cabo, designed for those who seek an escape into luxury. This Cabo luxury rental is more than a vacation home; it’s a gateway to a dreamlike experience.

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Property Walkthrough: West Enclave 26

As you enter West Enclave, you’re greeted by over 6,000 square feet of living space that harmoniously blends modern design with natural beauty. The villa’s architecture uses a palette of natural and engineered materials to create an ambiance of sophisticated calm. Here, the elegance of natural stone, wood accents, and engineered precision invites you to relax and indulge.

The heart of West Enclave is its gourmet kitchen, a haven for culinary enthusiasts. This kitchen is prepared for any culinary challenge, equipped with the finest Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances and adorned with Caesar stone countertops. Whether you’re fixing a quick breakfast or planning a lavish dinner, the space is designed to cater to your every need with elegance and functionality in mind.

Relaxing Slumber

Discover the serenity of West Enclave’s bedrooms, where luxury linens and expansive spaces create private havens of comfort. Each room is a retreat designed for rest and rejuvenation, complemented by stunning bathrooms. These bathrooms are designed with high-end finishes, featuring spacious showers, deep soaking tubs, and dual vanities set against a backdrop of natural light and landscape vistas. Each detail, from the plush towels to the artisan toiletries, is thoughtfully chosen to provide an unparalleled experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Fluid Living

West Enclave redefines the concept of indoor/outdoor living. Its design ensures you’re never more than a step away from the beauty that surrounds you. Enjoy a film in the plush living area while staying connected with friends or family enjoying the outdoor dining space. This seamless integration ensures that the beauty of Los Cabos is always part of your experience.

Envision yourself waking to the sounds of the ocean, with panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez enveloping your senses. The villa’s outdoor paradise includes a luminous pool and jacuzzi, surrounded by luxury amenities. Spend your evenings grilling under the starlit sky, gathering around the outdoor fireplace, or sharing stories by the garden fire pit.

The villa’s backyard is a lush oasis, perfect for moments of relaxation, meditation, or yoga. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the landscape, this space invites you to connect with nature in peace and privacy.

Unparalleled Luxury

West Enclave stands as a testament to the beauty and elegance of Los Cabos. With the added privileges of Zadun hotel amenities and the exclusivity of a gated community, your stay is enveloped in luxury and security.

Access to premier golf courses, a private marina, and secluded beaches offers a new opportunity to explore or unwind every day. The balance of activity and tranquility is at your fingertips, ensuring a stay that’s as exhilarating as it is serene.

Beauty at Every Corner

Los Cabos, a gem at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, offers a blend of breathtaking natural beauty, luxury, and adventure. This destination is renowned for its stunning stretches of beach, crystal-clear waters, and dramatic desert landscapes, making it a paradise for travelers seeking both relaxation and excitement. In Los Cabos, you can embark on a journey of discovery, from exploring the iconic El Arco to witnessing the majestic humpback whales on their annual migration.

Adventurers can dive into the deep blue to explore vibrant coral reefs or take to the skies on a parasailing excursion for unparalleled views of the coastline. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy world-class courses designed by legends of the game, offering challenging play amidst spectacular scenery. Los Cabos’ luxurious spas provide sanctuary for those looking to unwind, offering treatments inspired by traditional Mexican healing rituals.

The region’s culinary scene is a feast for the senses, with fresh seafood and local flavors taking center stage. As the sun sets, the vibrant nightlife of Cabo San Lucas calls, offering lively bars, clubs, and beach parties.

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We invite you to make West Enclave your next luxury escape. This is an opportunity to experience unparalleled luxury, surrounded by the stunning beauty of San Jose del Cabo. Contact us to book your stay and step into a world where your dream escape becomes a reality. The beauty of Los Cabos and the elegance of luxury living await you! Search our rentals by bedroom here.

In the heart of Los Cabos, high-end cuisine invites those seeking a refined dining experience beyond the ordinary. As you embark on a dining adventure, the city reveals its culinary gems, each offering a unique blend of flavors and an unwavering commitment to excellence. From farm-to-table delights to innovative cocktails, our guide to high-end cuisine in San Jose del Cabo delivers a culinary journey that goes beyond expectations.

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High-End Cuisine in San Jose del Cabo

Nestled in the heart of Los Cabos, Acre is a testament to a deep respect for surroundings and a free-spirited sensibility. The restaurant and bar embody the ethos of Acre, offering farm-to-table cuisine that marries global influences with local ingredients, evolving seamlessly with the seasons. The innovative cocktail program elevates award-winning compositions with produce grown just beyond the bar’s confines. Acre’s sumptuous space blurs the boundaries between inside and out, creating an immersive experience where good food, great drinks, and a good time come together.

Alebrije: A Culinary Tribute to Oaxaca

Alebrije transcends the definition of a restaurant, becoming a mystical journey through Oaxaca, the dining capital of Mexico. This culinary haven pays homage to Oaxaca’s rich heritage, incorporating each style of mole into innovative dishes. The menu is family-style and invites guests to savor a variety of options, fusing exotic spices, aromas, and techniques passed down through generations. Alebrije is not just a dining experience; it is a celebration of Mexican heritage and a gastronomic adventure that transcends the ordinary.

Agua Restaurant: A Cliffside Culinary Haven

Perched atop a cliff overlooking the shimmering Sea of Cortez, Agua Restaurant is a perennial favorite for those seeking seasonal dining at its best. Dedicated to serving the freshest produce, the restaurant offers flavor-forward breakfast creations, tantalizing midday fare, and one of Los Cabos’ most romantic moonlit dining experiences. The culinary journey at Agua is complemented by nightly music and the adjacent Agua Bar, offering handcrafted cocktails and local spirits against the backdrop of stunning ocean views.

Café des Artistes: Where Flavors Converge

Café des Artistes Los Cabos is an exclusive restaurant blending selected Mexican flavors with gourmet French techniques. The dining experience honors the convergence and fusion of local and international cuisine, creating constantly evolving dishes. A carefully selected wine cellar, a chef’s private table, and bars complement the Café des Artistes experience. With an impressive tradition spanning 25 years, the menu is a fusion of the best dishes, tempting the most discerning palates with authentic and avant-garde creations. In Café des Artistes, flavors converge to create a dining experience that transcends expectations.

Don Sanchez: Contemporary Mexican Excellence

Don Sanchez, a contemporary Mexican restaurant in Los Cabos, offers a selection of unique creations focusing on regionally sourced seafood, locally raised animals, and organic produce. This dining destination is part of Grupo Ediths and pairs its fine wine selection with amazing agave spirits like mezcal, tequila, and sotol. Don Sanchez invites patrons to indulge in the excellence of contemporary Mexican cuisine, where every dish celebrates flavors sourced from the region. It’s a dining experience that encapsulates the richness of the local culinary landscape.

Lumbre: A Culinary and Nightlife Oasis

Nestled in the heart of Los Cabos, Lumbre captivates diners with its culinary magic and vibrant atmosphere. The open kitchen invites guests to witness the artistry in the old wood stove, imposing grill, and iron and brick oven, creating an unforgettable dining experience. Lumbre proudly collaborates with local fishermen, ranchers, and farmers in Baja Sur, ensuring that only the freshest ingredients grace their dishes, reflecting a commitment to flavor and sustainability.

Upstairs, NEAT, the Lounge Bar at Lumbre, introduces a cosmopolitan vibe, making it the go-to spot for a night of great drinks and relaxation. The atmosphere in NEAT is distinct, offering Chillout and Live Music on Sundays. With its signature mixology and a specially crafted finger food menu, NEAT provides the perfect backdrop for a pleasant chat and an immersive nightlife experience.

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Elevate Your Culinary Experience in San Jose del Cabo

As the culinary journey through high-end cuisine in San Jose del Cabo unfolds, the flavors and experiences linger, creating memories that surpass the ordinary. Plus, imagine having a comfortable and stylish vacation rental to call home during your stay. Whether you’re traveling solo, with a partner, or in a larger group, San Jose del Cabo offers the perfect backdrop for a luxurious escape. Contact us to book your vacation rental now and elevate your culinary experience. Enjoy the richness of high-end cuisine, savor the flavors, and make San Jose del Cabo your destination for an unforgettable getaway.

Future newlyweds, if you’re on the wedding planning journey and considering a destination that ticks all the boxes, let’s talk about why San Jose del Cabo should be at the top of your list. This beautiful destination in Mexico is more than just beautiful beaches and great weather; it’s a wedding paradise waiting to make your big day unforgettable. So, explore the top Reasons to have your wedding in Cabo San Lucas.

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Top Reasons to Have Your Wedding in Cabo San Lucas

San Jose del Cabo isn’t shy about showing off its stunning beaches, and if you’re picturing exchanging vows with the sound of gentle waves in the background, you’re in for a treat. Picture this: stretches of golden sand meeting the crystal-clear waters of the Sea of Cortez. Whether you’re going for a barefoot ceremony or a classy seaside affair, the beaches here set a breathtaking stage for your big “I dos.”

The sunsets? Oh, they are nothing short of magical. San Jose del Cabo offers a front-row seat to nature’s daily masterpiece as the sun dips below the horizon, casting hues of pink, orange, and gold across the sky. Your wedding photos? They’re about to be the envy of everyone back home. So, if you’ve ever dreamt of a beach wedding that feels like a scene straight out of a romantic movie, San Jose del Cabo is the spot for you.

Weather that Plays Nice All Year Round

When it comes to planning a wedding, one thing you don’t want to leave to chance is the weather. Enter San Jose del Cabo, where the climate plays nice 365 days a year. There’s no need to worry about rain showers or cold snaps; here, it’s all about that perfect blend of sunshine and balmy breezes.

Imagine your big day under a clear, blue sky, with the sun gently warming your skin and a light ocean breeze whispering through. So, if you want to skip the weather-related worries and focus on celebrating love, this destination is a winner.

A Culinary Adventure for Your Taste Buds

Let’s talk about the unsung hero of any wedding—the food. San Jose del Cabo takes your taste buds on a culinary adventure that’ll have your guests raving long after the last dance. From fresh seafood caught daily to traditional Mexican dishes bursting with flavor, the local cuisine is a feast for all the senses.

Enjoy a wedding menu featuring mouthwatering ceviche, grilled fish tacos, and decadent churros for dessert. The local chefs are masterpieces in the kitchen, crafting dishes that showcase the best of Baja California’s culinary scene. And the best part? You can customize your menu to fit your preferences, ensuring that every bite is a delightful reflection of your taste and style.

Charming Old Town Vibes

Looking for a wedding destination that seamlessly blends natural beauty with a touch of culture? San Jose del Cabo’s charming Old Town has your back. Say goodbye to generic wedding venues, and hello to cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and a relaxing atmosphere that feels like a warm embrace.

Imagine exchanging vows in a historic church, followed by a leisurely stroll through streets lined with art galleries, boutiques, and quaint cafes. The Old Town’s romantic ambiance sets the perfect backdrop for your wedding festivities, offering a unique blend of elegance and authenticity. Your wedding album is about to showcase not just your love story but the captivating charm of San Jose del Cabo’s Old Town.

Stress-Free Planning with Local Expertise

Planning a wedding can be a rollercoaster of emotions, but in San Jose del Cabo, you’re not alone. The local wedding planners are your backstage heroes, ensuring that every detail falls into place seamlessly. Forget about the stress of coordinating with multiple vendors from afar; here, you have a team of local experts who know the ins and outs of creating dream weddings.

From finding the perfect venue to coordinating with local vendors, the wedding planners in San Jose del Cabo have it covered. They bring a wealth of local knowledge, helping you navigate the options and create a celebration that reflects your vision. Your job? Enjoy the journey, knowing that you have a dedicated team turning your wedding dreams into reality.

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So, there you have it—the top reasons to have your wedding in Cabo San Lucas. This destination is a wedding haven, from breathtaking beaches and perfect weather to culinary delights and the charming Old Town area. And let’s not forget the stress-free planning with the help of local experts who make sure your big day is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Contact us today to learn more about the area and what this wedding destination has in store for you! Search our Cabo rentals by bedroom here!

If you’re daydreaming about escaping to a place with stunning ocean views and a cozy, elegant vibe, look no further than Casa Adriana in Palmilla’s Villas del Mar community. This six-bedroom Cabo villa is a comfortable retreat that combines luxury with the beauty of the sea. From the cool infinity pool to the relaxed interiors and comfy bedrooms, Casa Adriana is an invitation to experience a simple yet wonderful coastal escape.  

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Property Walkthrough: Casa Adriana

Nestled within the exclusive community of Villas del Mar in Palmilla, Casa Adriana is an oasis of coastal elegance paired with breathtaking ocean views. This six-bedroom stunner stands proudly, offering a retreat that seamlessly marries luxury, comfort, and the mesmerizing beauty of the sea. 

As you step inside, Casa Adriana welcomes you with whimsical color palettes, upscale amenities, and a spacious layout that feels like a breath of fresh ocean air. The open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling windows create an ambiance of light and space, bringing the outside beauty indoors. 

The living room is a cozy haven with a plush white sofa and an overstuffed armchair in a delightful peach hue adorned with pillows inviting relaxation. Large glass doors connect the living space to outdoor patios, the dining area, and the modern kitchen, creating a harmonious flow throughout the villa. 

The kitchen is a chef’s dream, featuring sleek granite countertops, custom cabinetry, state-of-the-art appliances, and an inviting breakfast bar. Whether you’re preparing a delicious feast or enjoying a quick bite, this kitchen is a space for dining adventures. 

As the day winds down, each bedroom in Casa Adriana becomes a personal retreat. Accessible from the wrap-around terrace, every room offers breathtaking sea views that paint the sky with colors. The bedrooms feature plush mattresses with high-quality linens and comforters that promise a restful night’s sleep. En suite baths add a touch of convenience and luxury, completing the perfect haven for relaxation. 

Step outside, and a paradise of outdoor luxury greets you. Casa Adriana boasts an inviting infinity pool and jacuzzi combination, creating a perfect spot for a refreshing dip or unwinding under the sun. The pool deck offers plush loungers, inviting you to relax and soak in the panoramic ocean vistas.  

Dining outside is a must, and Casa Adriana’s outdoor dining furniture invites you to enjoy delicious meals under the stars. Covered verandahs provide shaded retreats, ensuring you can enjoy the outdoor beauty even on the sunniest days. 

Casa Adriana is an invitation to experience coastal living at its finest. Whether you’re captivated by the infinity pool, charmed by the whimsical interiors, or mesmerized by the ocean views, this retreat ensures that every moment is filled with the beauty of Palmilla’s coastal paradise. 

Elevate Your Stay with Exclusive Services

Enhance your stay at Casa Adriana with our exclusive specialty services, designed to transform your retreat into an extraordinary experience. Our private chefs bring the culinary world to your doorstep. Enjoy savory meals, delightful snacks, and refreshing drinks crafted by our skilled chefs. While food and beverages are not included, we collaborate with you to curate a personalized grocery list, ensuring your villa is stocked before your arrival and throughout your stay. For larger groups, our sous chef joins the team, adding an extra layer of culinary expertise. 

Our private butler service provides a seamless blend of service and skill for an added indulgence. Beyond their role as butlers, they showcase their bartending prowess, offering our signature LuxMex Margarita – a recipe you won’t forget. From setting up beach chairs and umbrellas to assisting the chef, your private butler ensures every moment is steeped in luxury. 

As your day unfolds, our daily housekeeping staff sweeps in to maintain the pristine tranquility of your villa. Vetted and efficient, they arrive at a time of your choosing, allowing you to enjoy your day without worrying about the upkeep of your space. Our concierge services go beyond the ordinary, offering a helping hand with local information, club suggestions, and practical errands like grocery runs. Consider us your on-call support, ready to cater to your needs and ensure your stay is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

At Casa Adriana, we redefine hospitality by offering not just a villa but an all-encompassing experience. Elevate your stay with our suite of specialty services, where every moment is thoughtfully curated to surpass your expectations. Indulge, relax, and savor the finer things in life, leaving the rest to us. 

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As the day winds down, Casa Adriana invites you to turn your dream of a perfect coastal retreat into a reality. Our special services add that extra touch, ensuring your stay is not just good but exceptional – think tasty meals, helpful butlers, and a space that’s always ready for you. Book your stay at Casa Adriana today, and let the relaxation begin! 

Are you ready to plan your getaway to San Jose del Cabo in 2024? Enjoy a variety of experiences, from basking in the sun on beautiful beaches to exploring the local culture and attractions. The sandy shores of San Jose del Cabo offer a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement, while the cultural aspects provide insights into the rich history and traditions of this charming town. Learn more tips and tricks below to help you plan your getaway to San Jose del Cabo! 

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Plan Your 2024 Getaway to San Jose del Cabo

Going on a getaway to San Jose del Cabo involves some planning. Between November and April, the months offer near-perfect weather with mild temperatures and little rainfall. This period, the peak tourist season, ensures ideal conditions for exploration and a lively atmosphere with various events and festivals to enjoy. The temperature range of 70°F to 85°F (21°C – 29°C) provides a comfortable backdrop for a variety of outdoor activities. 

Book a Beautiful San Jose Vacation Rental

Our San Jose del Cabo rentals offer a unique and one-of-a-kind experience. Each rental provides a distinctive atmosphere, from pet-friendly and oceanfront properties to luxury villas offering panoramic ocean views. Whether you’re visiting alone, with a significant other, or with the entire family, we have a property with your name on it. Explore our San Jose del Cabo properties today and discover the ultimate home-away-from-home for your upcoming getaway in 2024. 

Fuel Up on Local Bites

The dining scene of San Jose del Cabo is a journey in itself, marked by authenticity and local flavors. The heart of this experience lies in savoring street tacos from local vendors. Each bite captures the flavor of Mexican cuisine — seasoned meat, fresh toppings, and handmade tortillas. Beyond the streets, visiting spots like El Merkado and Organic Market San Jose del Cabo offer a deeper dive into the region’s culinary richness. 

Enjoy Sun, Sand, and Sea

San Jose del Cabo boasts many beautiful beaches that cater to every beachgoer’s taste. Playa Palmilla offers a perfect escape for those seeking relaxation, whether you’re soaking up the sun or taking a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters. On the flip side, Playa Costa Azul is a haven for the more adventurous souls, with surf-friendly waves inviting water enthusiasts to ride the ocean’s energy. Whichever beach you choose, the sun-kissed shores of San Jose del Cabo provide a beautiful backdrop for relaxation and exploration. 

Dive into Culture

Immersing yourself in the cultural fabric of San Jose del Cabo unveils layers of history and artistic expression. A visit to Estero San Jose del Cabo reveals a natural sanctuary where scenic paths intertwine with diverse birdlife, offering a serene retreat. Meanwhile, the Art District’s cobblestone streets, with vibrant murals and eclectic galleries, showcase the intersection of contemporary creativity and traditional Mexican influences. 

Enjoy Exciting Outdoor Adventures

San Jose del Cabo offers plenty of exciting outdoor adventures for those seeking an adrenaline rush. Snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo National Park submerges you in an underwater wonderland surrounded by coral reefs and marine life. Opt for a whale-watching tour in the Sea of Cortez to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat or go on an ATV tour through the Baja Desert, conquering dusty trails and sand dunes. 

Experience the Nightlife Scene

As the sun sets, San Jose del Cabo’s vibrant nightlife comes to life. Plaza Mijares becomes the heart of evening gatherings, pulsating with live music, cultural events, and a warm ambiance. Beyond the plaza, local bars serve up craft cocktails, inviting you to explore the laid-back yet lively evening scene. Strolling through well-lit streets offers a chance to soak in the local atmosphere, completing your day with a touch of nightlife charm. 

Tips for Exploring San Jose del Cabo

Before exploring the town of San Jose del Cabo, you must equip yourself with practical knowledge. Familiarize yourself with local customs, currency exchange, and transportation options. Engaging with locals, learning basic Spanish phrases, and embracing the rhythm of daily life add a layer to your journey, ensuring that your exploration goes beyond the surface and becomes a genuine connection with San Jose del Cabo.  

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Your journey to San Jose del Cabo promises many unique experiences, from vibrant events to beautiful beaches. Book one of our San Jose vacation rentals today to immerse yourself in this breathtaking destination. Whether you crave the bustling energy of the historic downtown or the soothing sounds of waves at a beachfront villa, our accommodations are more than places to stay; they are gateways to unforgettable memories. Begin your San Jose del Cabo adventure now and make every moment count. Contact our team of reservation specialists today to book your stay in one of our beautiful vacation rentals!  

Are you dreaming of jetting off to Los Cabos? Casa Encanto, boasting 6 bedrooms, is your ticket to luxury and style. Nestled along the coast of Los Cabos, this villa seamlessly combines comfort and sophistication. Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a family reunion, or a trip with friends, Casa Encanto offers coastal living, luxury, and style. Vacation like a king and queen when you call this breathtaking Cabo San Lucas vacation villa your home-away-from-home. 

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Property Walkthrough: Casa Encanto

Step into the world of Casa Encanto, a beachfront villa that stands as a testament to luxury and tranquility. This 6-bedroom, 6-bathroom Mexican hacienda-style oasis is an extravagant escape designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. 

From the moment you arrive, the stunning ocean views become an integral part of your experience, providing a breathtaking backdrop to every moment. Whether you’re enjoying breakfast on the terrace, reading a good book, or soaking up the sun by the resort-style pool, Casa Encanto exudes an air of sophistication. 

The pool itself is a spectacular retreat that invites you to unwind and relax in the refreshing waters. The bedrooms, private sanctuaries within this lavish villa, are meticulously designed for both comfort and style. The first bedroom, featuring a king bed and an en-suite bathroom with a shower, a tub, and a toilet, sets the tone for the luxury that follows. Three additional bedrooms, each boasting a king bed, offer private en-suite bathrooms for unparalleled convenience. The fifth bedroom, designed with younger guests in mind, features two double beds and a well-maintained bathroom. The sixth bedroom, a charming blend of sophistication and comfort, includes a king bed and a bunk bed. 

The hacienda-style architecture, characterized by wooden beams, an open floor plan, and neutral furnishings, offers an authentic touch to the luxurious ambiance. Casa Encanto unfolds as a treasure trove of exploration, inviting you to discover its enchanting courtyard, lavish bedrooms, and the inviting pool that promises hours of relaxation. 

The beauty of this breathtaking villa extends beyond the interiors. Casa Encanto invites you to the great outdoors, where the soothing sound of waves accompanies your moments of relaxation. Bask in the warmth of the Jacuzzi, take refreshing dips in two pools, and gather around the fire pit as the stars illuminate the night sky. 

Perfect for families, groups of friends, or anyone seeking a break from the ordinary, Casa Encanto is the ultimate getaway in Los Cabos. Experience the magic of Casa Encanto, where every detail is designed for an unforgettable stay, leaving you with memories that linger long after you’ve departed. 

Elevate Your Experience with Concierge Services

At Luxmex, we believe that every stay should go beyond the ordinary, and our concierge services at Casa Encanto ensure just that. From the moment you enter this luxurious retreat, our concierge team is dedicated to adding layers of luxury to your experience. 

Imagine having your own private chef crafting delicious masterpieces right in the heart of Casa Encanto. Whether it’s a gourmet breakfast to kickstart your day or a sumptuous dinner under the stars, our chef services promise an experience that mirrors the sophistication of your surroundings. 

For those who desire the utmost personalized attention, our butler services are at your disposal. From attending to your every need to curating the perfect ambiance, our butlers are here to transform your stay into a seamless flow of luxury. 

Indulge in ultimate relaxation with our masseuse services, bringing the spa experience directly to you. Unwind with a soothing massage by the pool or in the comfort of your private suite, letting the cares of the world melt away. 

Casa Encanto is not just a residence; it’s a sanctuary where your well-being takes center stage. Our spa services extend beyond the ordinary, offering rejuvenating treatments that cater to your every need. 

Maintaining your fitness routine while enjoying a lavish retreat is made effortless with our personal fitness services. Whether you prefer a private yoga session by the beach or a tailored workout plan, our fitness experts are here to ensure your wellness goals are met. 

For those seeking entertainment, Luxmex presents an array of options. Imagine a private DJ setting the soundtrack to your evenings or a dance class transforming your terrace into a dance floor under the stars. The stage is yours, and the possibilities are endless. 

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Venture into the waters with our yacht charters, exploring the coastal beauty of your surroundings. Whether it’s a sunset cruise or a day of adventure on the high seas, our yacht charters promise an unforgettable maritime experience. 

Your well-being is our priority, and our concierge services extend to medical assistance, ensuring that your stay is not just luxurious but also safe and secure.  

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Don’t wait any longer contact us to book your stay today at Casa Encanto! 

The year-round sun and warmth of Cabo is what makes it a great place for a getaway no matter when you need a dose of adventure. There’s so much to see and do, it will be hard to pack everything into one trip. You’ll no doubt want to include some of the area’s most iconic places and activities on your trip. so we have compiled this Cabo vacation guide to Palmilla. Include your pet in the ultimate trip and book a pet-friendly vacation with LuxMex!

Day 1: The Beach & Water

Water Adventures

Get close to bottlenose dolphins, sharks, manatees, rays, sea turtles and a variety of fish species that call the waters of Cabo home. Ask about daytime or sunset tours, as well as gear rental if you want to go solo. Cast a line for inshore, nearshore, and deep sea fishing. Go in search of your next meal in the form of marlin, Pacific Sailfish, tuna, roosterfish, and more. Take a lesson or rent some gear for activities like stand up paddleboarding, snorkeling, or kayaking.

Private Yacht/Sunset Cruise

Can charter a private yacht for a day or longer and get the service of a hotel or staffed vacation rental while floating on the water. If you don’t want to spend all day on the water, book a sunset cruise that includes a guided tour of the area’s important landmarks, or wildlife spotting.


No matter how long your getaway lasts, hanging out on the beach is a must. Pack the cooler and your beach gear and prepare for fun on land or sea. Sunbathe on the beach, take a walk or run along the sand, or help the kids build sandcastles before taking a dip in the water.

Day 2: Unique Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventure Course

Start with a suspension bridge that moves with every step you take! Then strap into the special “figure 8” safety device to descend through a rope on a mountain wall. Die-hard adventure seekers will definitely include the step, but some companies allow you to skip it. Finally, grab on and fly back down the canyon on a zipline course. Round-trip transportation, gear, and safety equipment is included.


Gain a whole new perspective on adventure from a bird’s eye view. Take off from the deck of a specially-designed parasailing boat to fly high above the water – up to 500 feet! Keep watch on the water for dolphins, turtles, whales, and other sea life. Stay dry throughout the flight or wear your bathing suit for a refreshing dip in the water before flying up again and coming down safely on the deck. Bring a waterproof or disposable camera to capture the memories from your perspective. Rides are approximately 15 minutes of airtime, but the whole excursion duration depends on the number of fliers.

Snorkel and SCUBA Tours

Tap one of the many charter companies in the area for tours that reach below the shimmering blue and green water surrounding the area. Get close to bottlenose dolphins, sharks, manatees, rays, sea turtles and a variety of fish species that call the waters of Cabo home. Ask about daytime or sunset tours, as well as gear rental. If you hope to depart on a SCUBA adventure with just you and your group, you’ll all need to be certified before you dive on your own.


Pack your sun gear, water, and camera and lace up your hiking shoes. You’ll catch glimpses of local wildlife in its natural habitat, and many other breathtaking sights. Make sure to share the trails, as many are a great path for bikers and horseback riders, too.

Day 3: The Desert

Baha Desert on Camelback

While some beach towns offer a tour down the beach on horseback, Cabo offers a slightly different experience. You’ll still sit atop an animal, but that animal is a camel. The usually four-hour excursion has morning and afternoon departures. Wander through the Baha Desert and Cabo countryside while learning about area flora, fauna, and culture before stopping for an authentic Mexican lunch featuring tequila, tortilla-making, and more.

Beach & Desert 4×4 Tour

Trade the camel or your hiking shoes for an ATV and go places you can’t get to any other way. You’ll cut through the Migrino Desert’s sandy terrain along a winding route to area mountains. Loop back for some adventure negotiating the iconic beaches of Cabo. Tour companies include all the safety gear, off-roading equipment, and purified water to keep you hydrated through the journey, but park entry fees and insurance for your ride are separate fees.

Day 4: Art & Culture

Art District

Wander into the galleries for free drinks and snacks as you take in the best works of local artists and artists from across Mexico. Many galleries feature local artists in sculpture, painting, and more.

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

The distinctive rock formation at the southern tip of Cabo is a must-see. It’s the spot where the Pacific Ocean officially becomes the Gulf of California. The three-story tall natural arch was formed by erosion and is accessible by land and sea. Make sure to bring a camera for capturing glimpses of sea life like whales, turtles, sea lions, and others.

Museo de Historia Natural

The seven-room museum was originally used to house the first primary school in Cabo, Articulo 12 Naciones Unidas and now hosts a collection of permanent and temporary exhibits. Learn about the paleontology, geology, paleo-biology, and paleoanthropology of Los Cabos. See the remains of marine mammals, birds, reptiles, and more.

Cookin’ Cabo

You’ll learn to cook with the flavors, colors, and textures of Cabo’s best cuisine. Go shopping for the ingredients at a local market, then step into the kitchen of the local host chef for a hands-on lesson in creating an authentic Mexican meal from your ingredients.

Day 5: Complete Relaxation

Spa Day

After all the adventure, you’re going to need to work the kinks out. Relax and enjoy some well-deserved time at one of Cabo’s many day spas. Choose from the many services each offers, including mani/pedis, facials, body wraps or scrubs, and more. Indulge in a variety of massages that will work out all the muscle tension so you can head home fully relaxed. Some spas even offer a menu of services just for men that caters to their unique needs.

Shopping & Restaurants

You’ll no doubt want to taste the flavors of Cabo and score some fun Mexican souvenirs. Spend the day shopping and dining on local fare. You’ll find souvenirs with Mexican flavor, flair, and bold colors to remind you of your trip. The beach locale means traditional Mexican foods, including dishes made with fresh seafood caught right in the waters of the Gulf of California or the Pacific Ocean.

The Ultimate Experience: A Vacation Rental with LuxMex

Once you’ve decided to treat yourself and loved ones by planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas, make sure your next step is booking a private vacation rental with LuxMex. We have homes as large as 12 bedrooms, so you can enjoy your trip with all your loved ones in one place.

Enjoy the privacy of your own bedroom where you can catch a nap or good night’s sleep before more Cabo fun and enjoy private outdoor spaces like patios and balconies.

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You decided to take a break from your hectic schedule back home in favor of a relaxing vacation. Set your sights on Cabo and its never-ending supply of sand, sun, water, and fun. Add some “only in Cabo” experiences to your list of reasons to visit and stay in Cabo.


No matter what time of year you visit Cabo, you’ll experience sun and warmth. Winter highs can climb into the upper-70s and low-80s, while summer highs reach the 90s for perfect swimming weather with a dip in the Gulf of California or Pacific Ocean.


The beaches of Cabo are some of the best you’ll find, in the whole world. Many are safe for swimming, including the beach around the famed El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, where the Pacific Ocean officially becomes the Gulf of California. Others are often red-flagged due to strong waves, steep ocean floor drop-offs, and undertows that can be dangerous, so stay away – many of these more dangerous beaches are found on the Pacific Ocean side. Visit the many beaches along the Puerto Los Cabos Resort Corridor for some of the best beach experiences in the area.

Water Activities

The glistening waters off the shores of Cabo are a wonderful and unique place to explore. Get close to bottlenose dolphins, sharks, manatees, rays, sea turtles and a variety of fish species that call the area home. Ask about daytime or sunset tours, as well as gear rental if you’re planning your own adventure. There are several fishing adventures to choose from, including inshore, nearshore, and deep sea fishing. Cast a line in search of marlin, Pacific Sailfish, tuna, roosterfish, and others you may not find swimming along the shores of home. Get an extra adrenaline boost with night fishing, or the added thrill of shark fishing.

Baha Desert on Camelback

While some beach towns offer a tour down the beach on horseback, Los Cabos offers the beach tour experience atop a different animal: a camel! The excursion is typically four hours in length and departures with both morning and afternoon time slots. Wander through the Baha Desert and Cabo countryside with your knowledgeable local guide. They’ll fill you in on area flora, fauna, and culture. Then stop for an authentic Mexican lunch featuring tequila, tortilla-making, and more before heading back.

Beach & Desert 4×4 Tour

Trade in the camel for an ATV and get to places you can’t go by any other mode of transportation. Your adventure will cut through a winding route through the Migrino Desert’s sandy terrain. Get glimpses of area mountains and more, then loop back for some fun and adrenaline-pumping adventure on the iconic beaches of Cabo. Your company of choice will include all the safety gear, off-roading equipment, and purified water to keep you hydrated through the journey. Park entry fees and insurance for your ride are separate fees.


There always seems to be a celebratory atmosphere in Cabo. The area celebrates everything from food to music, sports, and other events. Come in the fall or winter months for events like Dia de los Muertos or the Los Cabos International Film Festival in November, Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament in October, or Sabor a Cabo – a food and wine festival, in December. Spring and summer events include the Los Cabos Open of Surf in June, Ironman Los Cabos in March, Los Cabos Pride, and others.


Pack your hiking boots and other essentials and set out on foot to explore the place you’ve decided to call home for a while. Cabo and the surrounding area is dotted with a myriad of trails and places to explore where the best way to get around is your own two feet. While you’re out in the wild, keep a lookout for local wildlife, including coyotes, deer, and cactus wren and other birds. If your trail takes you near the sea, whales, dolphins, seals, and sea lions can often be spotted.


The “icing on the cake” of reasons to visit Cabo this year is the delicious dining options you’ll find there. Many area restaurants are open all day, while some specialize in authentic and elaborate Mexican dinners. Check out restaurants to find your favorite. If you’re here around a holiday, ask about special holiday meal arrangements.

Another Reason to Visit Puerto Los Cabos Resort

These are just a few reasons you need to make Cabo your next vacation destination. There are plenty more, including a relaxing home away from home in vacation rental provided by LuxMex. Book homes as large as 12 bedrooms to create a private Cabo Christmas experience for all your loved ones.

Enjoy expansive living spaces, a fully equipped kitchen, and more. Relax in private spaces like bedrooms and outdoor patios and balconies. No matter what you choose, you’ll have a fun and memorable stay to keep you coming back.

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Nestled in the heart of Baja California Sur, San Jose del Cabo comes alive during the winter season with a variety of events and activities that showcase the vibrant culture and natural beauty of this Mexican gem. Explore some of the upcoming winter events and activities in San Jose below! 

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Upcoming Winter Events and Activities in San Jose

On the 2nd of December, San Jose del Cabo hosts the much-anticipated “Sabor a Cabo,” an annual gastronomic fiesta that elevates the culinary scene to new heights. This event brings together a fusion of local and international chefs, each presenting a unique culinary perspective. From inventive fusion creations that blend Mexican and global influences to traditional Mexican fare, the emphasis on locally sourced ingredients adds a special touch to every dish. As you wander through the event, indulge in live cooking demonstrations and sample the diverse flavors. Plus, the event is topped off with a performance by Colombian superstar Juanes, making it a must for food and music enthusiasts alike. Sabor a Cabo celebrates taste, culture, and the art of culinary mastery. 

Whale Watching Extravaganza

From early December to mid-April, the waters around San Jose del Cabo transform into a majestic playground for humpback whales. The area’s whale-watching tours are a unique opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures up close. Imagine colossal whales, some as big as 40–50 feet long, breaching the ocean’s surface, launching high into the air, and returning to the sea amidst a colossal splash. The tours promise an awe-inspiring experience, capturing the enormity and grace of humpback whales in their natural habitat. The expert tour guides ensure you get as close to these majestic creatures as possible, creating memories that will last a lifetime.  

Outdoor Adventures in Mild December

December brings mild temperatures to Cabo, making it an ideal time for outdoor adventures like ATV tours. Explore the rugged desert landscapes without the discomfort of extreme temperatures. Feel the thrill of riding through diverse terrain while enjoying the breathtaking scenery that Cabo has to offer. These ATV tours are great for a journey into the heart of Baja California Sur’s natural beauty. The scenic landscapes, coupled with the exhilaration of the ride, create an adventure that appeals to both thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a first-timer, these ATV tours offer an opportunity to connect with the stunning surroundings in a way that’s both exciting and invigorating. 

Feast Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

December brings cultural richness to San Jose del Cabo with one significant celebration. On the 12th of December, the Mexican Catholic community honors the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe with religious observances, prayers, and joyous songs. This annual tradition gathers community members at St. Michael’s for a night of religious observance, creating a sense of unity and shared devotion. As prayers are recited, and the story of the appearance of Mary to Juan Diego is remembered, a joyous celebration ensues outside the church, continuing inside with songs of praise. Feast Day is a cultural and communal celebration reflecting Mexico’s deep-rooted traditions. 

Las Posadas

From the 16th to the 24th of December, San Jose del Cabo comes alive with Las Posadas, a nine-day Mexican Christmas ancestral tradition based on the story of Mary and Joseph searching for a safe place to stay before Jesus’ birth. During Las Posadas, communities gather for nine nights of festivities, decorating their houses and preparing traditional food. The event fosters a sense of community and togetherness, with songs and prayers honoring unborn Jesus. Entire neighborhoods come together to celebrate this cultural tradition, creating a festive atmosphere that transcends generations. Las Posadas is not just a series of events; it’s a celebration of Mexican heritage, family, and the spirit of Christmas. 

Experience Sunsets in Cabo

As the sun sets over San Jose del Cabo, the sky transforms into a canvas of warm hues, casting a magical glow over the coastal landscape. In December, the sun sets around 5:30, creating the perfect opportunity to embrace the serene beauty of dusk. While staying in your vacation rental, witness the breathtaking spectacle from the comfort of your private balcony. Alternatively, venture to one of the local restaurants with oceanfront views, such as Agua Restaurant, to enjoy a delightful dinner while the sun gracefully dips below the horizon. The magic of a Cabo sunset is an experience that encapsulates the beauty of Baja California Sur. 

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Your Winter Escape Awaits

San Jose del Cabo offers a winter escape like no other, blending culinary delights, natural wonders, and cultural celebrations. Whether you’re indulging in the flavors of Sabor a Cabo, witnessing the majesty of humpback whales, partaking in cultural festivities, or simply chasing sunsets along the coast, there’s something for every traveler. Contact us to book your winter rental today and experience the warmth and charm of San Jose del Cabo. Your unforgettable winter adventure awaits! 

Nestled within the breathtaking beauty of Puerto Los Cabos, Villa Tau stands as the epitome of a luxury vacation rental. A sanctuary of comfort, modernity, and sprawling spaces, this new construction home in the prestigious Ritz Carlton Residences beckons you to experience the vacation of your dreams. This Cabo rental property boasts 5 bedrooms and can sleep up to 15 guests with ease. Experience an unrivaled blend of indoor-outdoor living, magnificent ocean vistas, and a seamless flow that defines luxury. 

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Property Walkthrough: Villa Tau

As you enter Villa Tau, you’re greeted by an open layout that invites the outdoors in, making it perfect for an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’re preparing a gourmet meal in the spacious kitchen or enjoying conversations with friends and family on the sun-soaked patio, Villa Tau effortlessly balances modernity and comfort. 

The villa’s interior design is inspired by the wonders of the outdoors, with natural hues and ocean blues, along with abundant wood finishes, gracing every room. High ceilings create a sense of grandeur, while modern touches accentuate the property’s contemporary allure. Villa Tau’s kitchen is a chef’s dream, equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and ample counter space. Whether you choose to prepare your meals or invite a private chef, this kitchen is well-equipped to meet your culinary needs. 

Villa Tau offers more than just bedrooms. It provides expansive retreats, each a haven of comfort and tranquility. Plush beds adorned with soft linens promise a peaceful night’s sleep, and the sheer size of the bedrooms allows you to spread out and relax. Two of the five bedrooms feature double beds, offering sleeping arrangements for larger groups or families. With ample closet space and tasteful decor, these bedrooms are designed for rest and rejuvenation. As you enter the bathrooms, you’ll notice nothing but elegance and functionality. Each bathroom is beautifully designed and generously sized, providing ample space for your daily rituals. You’ll find a perfect blend of tubs and showers, ensuring you can unwind with a relaxing soak or revitalize with a refreshing shower. The modern fixtures and tasteful decor create a serene atmosphere, making each bathroom a private oasis. 

Once you step out onto the outdoor deck, prepare to be awe-struck by the panoramic ocean views that stretch as far as the eye can see. The outdoor dining table with seating for eight, an outdoor sofa, and an inviting outdoor bar overlooking the pool create the perfect setting for savoring al fresco moments by the azure sea. The villa boasts a luxurious swimming pool, a cozy lounge area, a fire pit for late-night gatherings, and an outdoor dining area equipped with a barbecue grill. 

The villa boasts a luxurious swimming pool, a cozy lounge area, a fire pit for late-night gatherings, and an outdoor dining area equipped with a barbecue grill. For those seeking serenity and the sound of ocean waves, Villa Tau offers a peaceful courtyard that maximizes the stunning ocean views. It’s a private oasis for relaxation and quiet contemplation. 

Premier Concierge Services

At LuxMex, the key to an unforgettable vacation experience is personalization and attention to detail. That’s why we offer a comprehensive concierge service to all our guests at one of our Palmilla villas. Our concierge team is dedicated to helping you make the most of your vacation by providing a range of personalized services, including restaurant reservations, spa treatments, transportation, and activity bookings. 

Booking our concierge services is simple and hassle-free. All you need to do is contact our team and let us know what services you require, and we will take care of the rest. Other services you can book to elevate your stay include gourmet chef services, butler services, nanny services, and private transportation. 

A World-Class Community

Along the pristine coastline of the Sea of Cortez, just to the east of the San Jose del Cabo estuary, Puerto Los Cabos stands as a testament to the beauty and luxury that define Los Cabos. This 2,000-acre resort community blends various elements of modern living with the natural wonders of the Baja Peninsula. From gated residential neighborhoods to upscale hotels, world-class golf courses, and a thriving marina, Puerto Los Cabos offers diverse experiences for travelers.  

With Puerto Los Cabos, every traveler can find their own piece of paradise, whether it’s soaking up the sun by the pool, teeing off on the green, or embarking on seaside adventures.  

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Book Your Los Cabos Getaway

Villa Tau stands as the epitome of luxury and comfort in the community of Puerto Los Cabos. Its spacious bedrooms, plush beds, and elegant bathrooms offer an experience that transcends the ordinary. Our concierge services further elevate your stay, providing a personalized touch that ensures every moment is exceptional. Contact us today to plan your next vacation, book Villa Tau and experience Puerto Los Cabos best. Your dream escape is right around the corner!