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There’s nothing quite like packing up the car, picking up your best friends, and hitting the open road—especially when your destination is Cabo San Lucas! The promise of sunny beaches, beautiful cliffside Cabo villa rentals, and vibrant local culture draw visitors to Cabo year after year, and it’s becoming more and more popular to arrive by car. The scenic Baja California peninsula holds many sights to see on the way south to Cabo, and no matter where you’re traveling from, you’re sure to be treated to plenty of beautiful views along the way. Cruise down the coast, soaking up the scenery, knowing that the only thing more beautiful will be your eventual destination. If you’ve been thinking about planning a spring road trip to Cabo, we have some helpful tips and suggestions for the journey!

Cruise Down and Discover the Baja Peninsula

Whether you’re starting from the United States or Mexico, you will have about a 22 hour drive down the gorgeous Baja California peninsula, as Cabo is located right at the tip of this massive stretch of land, where the Sea of Cortez meets the shimmering waves of the Pacific Ocean. If you’re starting in Baja California already, then you luckily might have a much shorter drive! Of course, the fun is in the journey, and there will be lots to see along the way, from long stretches of coastline to the breathtaking beauty of the otherworldly desert regions. When you’re heading to Cabo on a road trip, you’re making unforgettable memories before you even arrive at your destination!

Plan Your Trip and Prepare Your Car

No matter where your starting point is, it’s always a good idea to make sure your vehicle is in top shape before heading out on a road trip, and especially if you are starting from the United States or somewhere not already in Baja California! Get that oil change, or book the tune up you’ve been avoiding, and you’ll have peace of mind that your vehicle is ready for the journey of a lifetime. Another idea is always to rent a car, saving your car the precious miles and living it up a little in a lux rental car. Either way, you’ll want to be sure your insurance is up to date, and that your auto insurance covers you internationally if you’re coming from out of the country! Most policies don’t, so you’ll have to add on an extra to your policy or buy a separate Mexican insurance policy. Be sure to talk to your insurance company and do your research before embarking on your trip!

Popular Sights Down Baja California Peninsula

It’s over 1,600 km (around 1000 miles) down this stretch of land, and most will stop a few places for rest along the way! The sights are better in the daytime, whether it’s a painted desert vista or a rocky coastline giving way to sandy Pacific beaches. Ensenada, Guerro Negro, La Paz, and Todos Santos are all well-known stops, and all offer the great combination of recharging your batteries and doing a little sightseeing. Stay a night right on the beach and explore local sights before getting back in the car for the next leg of the road trip. When you’re planning out your stops, be sure to prepare ahead of time and save your routes for offline use if you’re using a maps app! Another good idea is to plan your gas stops along the way ahead of time, and always make sure you are fueled up along the way—getting stuck in the desert isn’t fun for anyone!

You’ve Arrived! Time to Relax in Your Luxury Cabo Villa

After the adventure of the journey, you’ll finally arrive in Cabo, with the added convenience of having your own vehicle to explore the area! Zip between Cabo San Lucas and San José Del Cabo and explore the Tourist Corridor area—maybe even book a tee time at a seaside golf course or make a reservation at a luxury restaurant at a resort with amazing ocean views. The beaches east of San José offer a remote beauty just waiting to be explored, and when you have your own vehicle, the possibilities are endless! Of course, the adventure is also arriving in one of our gorgeous Cabo villa rentals—whether it’s a cliffside infinity pool with panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez, or a massive estate with its own private beach, you’re certain to have the ultimate Cabo vacation! At the end of your road trip, book one of our Palmilla villas. Click here to do so!

Reserve Your Vacation Home for Your Cabo Road Trip with LuxMex Today!

If you’re ready to book your next Cabo vacation, we have an impressive collection of properties in a variety of locations and sizes, along with parking for your vehicle! To learn more about our amazing Cabo villa rentals, give our reservations team a call today!